May 21, 2019/ News, Events

Prūf No. 24: Astral Works — A Girl’s Best Friend

We aren’t sure what’s a bigger deal: Astral Works winning the Ladies’ Choice award at this year’s Cultivation Classic or neuroscientist Dr. Adie Rae naming it as her favorite, desert-island cultivar.

The aggregated data from all Cult Classic judges shows that overall, across the hundreds of strain entries, female and male judges agreed on what they liked more than they didn’t. But out of all the strains entered, Astral Works showed the most significant uptick when it comes to the enjoyment of female judges versus male.

Our exclusive, CBD-dominant cultivar with a 2:1 ratio, Astral Works has an herbal aroma with hints of mango and lilac, often containing around 5-6% THC and 10-11% CBD. That mixed ratio seems to have a versatile, recalibrating effect on the body. People have reported going to bed easier, sleeping more soundly, and feeling like they woke up more refreshed. Others found it provided just enough appetite to help them eat regularly while weathering a cold. Multi-tasking creatives mention how the moderate, heavy-on-the-CBD dose helps them pivot for different projects—shifting their mindset while quelling any stressed impulses.

With a clear-headed sense of calm, we aren’t surprised the busy chefs, growers, budtenders, brewers and professional connoisseurs judging the Cult Classic scored Astral Works so highly. This is the strain that proves the possibilities of diverse cannabinoid profiles, and in doing so opens minds to the ways cannabis can improve our day-to-day lives in more ways than one.

A close-up of Astral Works' terpenes while growing
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