Sherbet balances skunky and sweet flavor with a strong delivery of effective and relaxing pain relief. Its genetic makeup, including Cherry Pie, Durban Poison, and OG Kush, shows its colors, literally, in the purple leaves and expert-level euphoric effects. Prūf Cultivar proprietary strain.


Relaxation Happiness Creativity


Floral Sweet Pepper

Mind Body / Hybrid





Primary Terpene

Alpha-Pinene / Beta-Pinene 1

Secondary Terpene

Delta 3 Carene 1 mg/g

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Possibly the perfect dessert weed, Pruf Cultivar's Sherbet is a proprietary cross of Purple Cookies and Platinum Girl Scout Cookies that packs a huge candy taste and bone-deep body high.

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Mind / Sativa

Uplifting Energetic Day use

Body / Indica

Relaxing Body buzz Night use

Mind Body / Hybrid

Indica / Sativa Varying effects Day / Night use


Cannabis consists of more than 60 compounds known as Cannabinoids. As science and technology create a better understandings of cannabis, it’s becoming clear there is much more to marijuana than its cannabinoid content. Certain cannabis aromas are indicators of other therapeutic compounds found in strains, of which there are two main types: Sativa and Indica, often combined to create Hybrid strains.

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