Pacific Juniper


Pacific Juniper is an exclusive to the Prūf catalogue. A newcomer to our core collection, it's heavy output of dew-like resin, produces a powerful terpene profile positively charged with pine and juniper. It's lineage is a bit veiled in mystery, but this high-oil plant delivers a smashing forestry intensiveness that must be smelled to be believed.


Uplifting Euphoric Powerful


Woody Citrus Intense

Body / Indica





Primary Terpene

Terpinolene 4.89

Secondary Terpene

Caryophyllene 2.46 mg/g

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Though Pacific Juniper smells as evergreen and ginny as its name suggests, the base coats are fairly typical of terpinolene-rich flowers: layers of bubblegum, coconut and pool water, which provide background for wood, spice and pine details. Coupling an unheard of 4.9 percent terpinolene and potent 2.5 percent beta-caryophyllene with a manageable 20.5 percent THC, Pacific Juniper radiates an uplifted headspace—happy and creative, yet with a decent degree of lucidity even when the weed is doing the thinking. Meanwhile, the caryophyllene's anxiolytic and anti-inflammatory properties ground the experience in a soothing sense of calm.

Matt Stangel, Willamette Week
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Cannabis consists of more than 60 compounds known as Cannabinoids. As science and technology create a better understandings of cannabis, it’s becoming clear there is much more to marijuana than its cannabinoid content. Certain cannabis aromas are indicators of other therapeutic compounds found in strains, of which there are two main types: Sativa and Indica, often combined to create Hybrid strains.

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