Prūf No. 03: Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough

Prūf No. 03

Strawberry Cough is a legendary plant here, and another resident in our core line up. Massive power, clear pronounced terpene profile, laden with notes of strawberry, orange and dough. It’s exceedingly low myrcene, broad array of limonene, massive caryophyllene, and dash of linalool create a shimmering distinctive profile that is quite rare.

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Strawberry Fields x Haze

Type 1: THC Rich

THC 16.50 - 22.40% / CBD <LOQ

Flavor Profile

Strawberry, Sweet, Berry

Terpene Details

9 Terpenes / 1.485% Total

  • 0.383%


  • 0.288%


  • 0.188%


  • 0.17%


  • 0.141%


  • 0.113%


  • 0.0809%

    Caryophyllene Oxide

  • 0.0703%


  • 0.0512%


  • This is an averaged result based on scientific terpene profile analyses performed by Cascadia Labs.


"Prūf Cultivar grows a visually stunning cut of Strawberry Cough, a classic strain. The flowers emit sweet, floral notes and a slightly fruity finish of apricot and berries. A spiced herbal scent lies underneath and follows through with a full-flavored herbal mix and a tangy skunk note that livens everything up. The creeper effects of Prūf’s Strawberry Cough are slow to come on, but melt into full-bodied bliss. This is a beautiful strain! The bud is so frosty and the aroma was pungent and savory. This strain is all dressed up and on its way somewhere fancy."

Will Hyde - Leafly - 8 of Oregon's Most Amazing THC-Dominant Cannabis Flowers

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