Prūf Cultivar combines high-tech growing facilities with high-touch growing methods.



Elevated Cannabis

Prūf Cultivar uses cutting-edge cannabis cultivation technology, led by an expert team passionate about strain maintenance to preserve an essential human element in the process. Each of our strains is thoughtfully chosen to accentuate flavors and deliver a unique experience. We combine high-tech facilities with high-touch methods to overturn conventions and establish an elevated vision for the cannabis industry.


Grow Technology

Prūf Cultivar strains are grown in a technologically advanced facility in the Pacific Northwest. Prūf master growers and agricultural experts collaborated with environmental engineers to design and manufacture our exclusive grow habitats—each a sustainable system that mirrors modern clean-room technology, once reserved only for the biotechnical industry. We have precise control over the environment in which our plants grow.


Prūf Cultivar Team

With their talent and intuition, the grow team crafts Prūf’s higher level of cannabis. Our methodology centers around the thoughtful selection of strains and careful monitoring of the plant from seed to flower—equal parts sight, smell, and science—to create dynamic and uniquely expressive strains. Through continued innovation and adaptation, we produce elevated cannabis for the discerning consumer.

Prūf’s Master Grower is supported by a team of plant health specialists, in charge of fertigation management and pest and disease prevention. The grow production team coordinates each important stage of growth, including potting, transplanting, pruning, netting, and undercutting. Afterward, the post-harvest production team steps in for the drying, curing, and trimming of each plant.

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What is Cannabis

Mind / Sativa

Uplifting Energetic Day use

Body / Indica

Relaxing Body buzz Night use

Mind Body / Hybrid

Indica / Sativa Varying effects Day / Night use


Cannabis consists of more than 60 compounds known as Cannabinoids. As science and technology create a better understandings of cannabis, it’s becoming clear there is much more to marijuana than its cannabinoid content. Certain cannabis aromas are indicators of other therapeutic compounds found in strains, of which there are two main types: Sativa and Indica, often combined to create Hybrid strains.

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